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Telemetry to support NSW Non-Urban Water Metering Framework

A cornerstone of NSW’s non-urban water metering framework is the use of local data logging and telemetry devices (known as local intelligence devices) to accurately record and securely transmit data about water extraction to government. 

The government has now developed a telemetry system to support this. The system includes:

  • a list of ‘compatible’ local intelligence devices – which we will continuously update – to help stakeholders choose a device that meets the security and functional requirements under the new metering rules
  • an online portal to allow duly qualified persons (DQPs) to configure and register local intelligence devices
  • a cloud based ‘data acquisition service’ that will receive data transmitted from local intelligence devices, and provide that data to government agencies and water users.

The telemetry system, and the open market that support it, are in an early stage of development.

The new telemetry system is now ready for the next phase of rollout, in which we will focus on working with DQPs, telemetry device manufacturers and water users to ensure the transition to this new system is as smooth as possible.

We plan on undertaking a range of engagement with DQPs and a number of field pilots over the second quarter and will publish information about how DQPs, water user associations and other stakeholders can get involved.

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation has forced us to adjust our plans for face-to-face training of DQPs and field piloting in April 2020. We are actively exploring contingencies and will continue monitoring the situation. Further details on metering rules, the new telemetry system and specifications, and detailed information on what this means for water users, DQPs and vendors, can be found at Alternatively, if you have any questions, please contact us at

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