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Key water Archive

September allocation announcements

September 2018 Murrumbidgee GS received an extra 1% on Monday the 17th of September totalling 7% allocation. To read the allocation announcement click here NSW Murray is still on 0% GS. To read the allocation announcement click here VIC Murray HR increased to 78%, Goulburn HR increased to 70%, Broken HR increased to 9% & Bullarook.

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Joint Media Release: Delivering water faster in the Southern Murray-Darling

​Joint Media Release Delivering water faster in the Southern Murray-Darling Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, David Littleproud NSW Minister for Regional Water, Niall Blair 14 September 2018 Deal between Water NSW and Murray Irrigation Limited to bypass Barmah Choke Mulwala Canal to benefit irrigators and environment by delivering water when it’s needed. 7700 irrigated farms.

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Murrumbidgee Irrigation have announced 3% water enhancement

Murrumbidgee Irrigation have provided a 3% additional annual water allocation to eligible customers. The company will continue to review its position over the next few months. If you are eligible for the additional water allocation, it will have been automatically credited to your water allocation account. Your available water balance, including any additional water, is.

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Murray Irrigation will give a 5% resource distribution to its customers

Murray Irrigation will issue a five percent resource distribution to its customers. The distribution will be made available to delivery entitlement holders who have paid all outstanding accounts up to and including the March 2018 quarter (including related interest) by 5.00pm Friday 7 September 2018. Customers who are compliant with any approved payment arrangements will.

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Victoria risk of spill- September update

On Monday the 10th of September the Resource Manager for northern Victoria, Mark Bailey declared a low risk of spill in the Goulburn and Campaspe systems. The risk of spill in the Murray system during 2018/19 remained above the 10 per cent threshold needed to declare a low risk of spill, therefore the Murray risk of spill.

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COTTON INFO- Our gross margins: your bottom line

Gross margins across the industry are tipped to rise in 2018-19, despite expectations of a smaller crop, mostly due to higher lint and seed prices. And if you have an allocation or stored soil moisture, you could be set to achieve higher profits. The cotton industry gross margins, first released in Dec 2017, have been updated.

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