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Temporary Water Market

At Key Water, we offer a simple process where you can bid on the listed parcels below, or even submit your own buy or sell order by simply filling out the submission box below with your name, phone number, whether you want to buy or sell, and the price. Or if you would like to speak to us directly please contact Anthony on 0418 564 940 or Rebecca on 0428 080 187

By bidding you are not obligated to take or sell a parcel, but are instead showing your interest and allowing us to follow up with both parties to come to an agreement and once that agreement is formed the sale is contracted and the trade is run.

Temporary Water Markets 2021-2022 season

Select a System

Great Artesian Basin
Lachlan Fold Belt
Lower Gwydir Groundwater
Lower Lachlan Groundwater
Lower Murray Deep Aquifer
Lower Murrumbidgee (Shallow Aquifer)
Lower Murrumbidgee Deep Aquifer Zone 1
Lower Murrumbidgee Deep Aquifer Zone 2
Lower Murrumbidgee Deep Aquifer Zone 3
Lower Namoi Groundwater
Mid-Murrumbidgee Alluvial
Murrumbidgee Supplemetary
NSW Border Rivers
NSW Murray (above)
NSW Murray (below)
SA River Murray
Upper Lachlan Alluvium
Upper Macquarie alluvium
Upper Namoi (Zone 4) groundwater
VIC Broken (Zone 2)
VIC Goulburn
VIC Murray (above)
VIC Murray (below)

Temporary Water Buyers

ID Zone Entitlement Volume Price WET/DRY DE
TB0216 500 $50
TB0207 Deep Aquifer 64 $20
TB0208 Deep Aquifer 6 $20
TB0227 10 $20
Buyers and sellers wanted. Contact Key Water for more information.

Temporary Water Sellers

ID Zone Entitlement Volume Price WET/DRY DE
TS0575 CICL 1000 $20
TS0576 350 $20
TS0574 CICL 500 $20
TS0577 1000 $25
TS0568 1089 $35
TS0568 1000 $40
TS0570 165 $40
TS0567 300 $50
TS0569 500 $50
TS0567 1000 $55
TS0558 15 $60
TS0572 500 $60
TS0554 350 $70
TS0563 100 $70
TS0560 500 $90
TS0550 143.4 $100
TS0552 500 $100
TS0553 100 $100
TS0532 CICL High Security 50 $120
Buyers and sellers wanted. Contact Key Water for more information.
Buy and Sell Temporary Water with Key Water

List your water with Key Water today!

If you would like to place a buy or sell order contact Anthony directly on 0418 564 940 or alternatively enter your details below and we will be in contact with you to discuss your opportunities

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