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About -

What can Key Water do for you?

Key Water is a water broking company focusing purely on water. Our main office is in Griffith in the Murrumbidgee but we help clients throughout the Murray Darling Basin & beyond

We help our clients

Key Water Drop Trade Temporary Water

Key Water Drop Trade Permanent Water

Key Water Drop Lease Water

Key Water Drop Buy/Sell Forward Water

Key Water Drop Carry Over Space Opportunities

Why use Key Water?

Key Water Drop  Professional local brokers with basin-wide experience & beyond

Key Water Drop  People with real on-farm knowledge

Key Water Drop  Competitive commission rates, which means more money in your pocket

Key Water Drop  Small personable team who are easy to deal with and focus on completing your trade in a timely manner

Key Water Drop  Relevant information without the bombarding of unnecessary calls

Key Water Drop Purely water trading focused business

Key Water Drop Separate client funds holding account & professional indemnity insurance

Key Water Drop Member of the Australian Water Brokers Association

Key Water Drop  It’s about you – giving you the information to make decisions when you want or need to.

Who is Key Water?

About -

Anthony McCloskey

I set up Key Water to help people trade water as simply as possible.

With a focus on customer service, we want to help you do what you want to do, when you want to do it and we will give you the information to help you make those key decisions.

My trading and broking experience covers all of the major, and many of the not-so-major trading areas. So whether you’re wanting to buy or sell take advantage of this experience with personalised service, whether you own 5ML or 5000ML.

Prior to working in water, my experience of agriculture and farming systems grew through almost 20 years as a seed production agronomist. These roles involved building strong relationships with (mostly irrigation) farmers to produce high-quality seed for the cotton, forage, cereal/grass/legume and hybrid canola, sorghum, corn and sunflower growers. This means I have spent time on many farms and understand that water is vital, but it is part and parcel or a larger process and system, rather than just a commodity to trade over the phone or internet.


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Contact Anthony on 0418 564 940