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Key water Archive

Rebates for water smart NSW farmers!

The Hon. David Littleproud MP Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources The Hon. Niall Blair MLC NSW Minister for Regional Water  Friday, 21 December 2018 Rebates for water smart NSW farmers Federal and NSW Governments to deliver $12 million in water infrastructure rebates Drought-hit farmers to claim up to 25% on new farm water infrastructure.

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NSW DOI Water News – December 2018 newsletter

New water metering framework released  The new NSW Non-Urban Water Metering Framework commenced on 1 December. It includes a policy, legislation and regulations to improve the standard of non-urban water meters in NSW. Under the framework, new standards will apply for new and replacement meters from 1 April 2019, and large surface water pumps will.

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Progressive Agriculture Newsletter 19th December 2018

Andrew Bomm brings an update on water, weather and politics in his December newsletter. Click here to read.

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National Irrigators’ Council Newsletter 14th Dec 2018

Basin water Ministers met today in Melbourne, with an outcome hailed by NSW Minister Blair, as being “a deal for all”.  The critical part of the agreement was a socio economic impact test to be put in place for all projects as part of the 450GL efficiency component of the Basin Plan. Victorian Water Minister.

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CottonInfo videos gone viral…

CottonInfo’s series of short videos – created by Paul and Tonia Grundy – have amassed almost one million views! Have you watched them yet? The videos cover a huge range of topics, including timely seasonal information that you need to know now re agronomy, cotton growth and development, irrigation, nutrition and pest management So while you’re watching.

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Why NAWF is important at first flower

A critical milestone in the development of the cotton plant is the production of the first flower. At this time the plant starts to generate yield. Additionally, the water use and nutrient uptake of the crop increases, and management becomes a juggling act to prolong the duration of flowering by minimising crop stress for as.

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Murrumbidgee Irrigation November Newsletter

Operation blow grass removal We have been kept busy removing blow grass from channels this season, especially over the past few weeks. Blow grass is an ongoing issue throughout our network and has been particularly troublesome recently due to the dry and windy conditions. The build-up of blow grass in some channels has resulted in.

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December 2018 Allocation

20th December  The Peel regulated river general security allocation remains unchanged at 38 per cent of entitlement. Similarly, the aquifer general security allocation remains unchanged at 69 percent of entitlement. The allocation for general security licence holders in the Bega-Brogo regulated river water source has increased by 5 per cent to 35 per cent entitlement.

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