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Key Water Blog

January 2021 Water Allocation Statements

15th January 2021

Murrumbidgee High Security and General Security both increased to 100%

NSW Murray General Security increased by 3% to 46%

VIC Murray High Reliability increased by 6% to 96%

Gwydir General Security allocation increased by 7.11% bringing the total to 12.18%

Macquarie General Security increased by 5% to 28%

13th January 2021

No increase in Lachlan General Security allocations

Upper Namoi General Security increased by 50% to 100%, Lower Namoi General Security increased by 23.7% to 31.7%

4th January 2021

NSW won’t update allocation announcements until the 15th January 2021

VIC announced Murray HRWS increased from 88% to 90% on Monday 4th January 2021