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Progressive Agriculture Newsletter: May 2019

Water market wrap

Almond Board water policy 
The Almond Board of Australia has released a significant policy statement calling for a halt on greenfield hort developments below the choke, to mitigate against deliverability risk for their water thirsty growers. There are will be increasing demands from maturing almond crops over the next five years, and the industry is facing problems with future supply and social licence.

This isn’t necessarily about almond prices as the cynical might suggest. Almonds are traded as a global commodity, and the price will reflect global shifts. The industry is concerned about tough government medicine if the problem isn’t addressed. Hopefully, this will provoke a common sense discussion about the need for a price or availability signal from water agencies.

NSW water trade dashboard
Water NSW has entered the 21st century and come up with a good market information platform for NSW irrigators. It’s got price and trade volume history from across the NSW trading zones, and across time periods. It also provides information about current water availability across licence types. Check it out here.


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