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Key Water Blog

National Irrigators Council -18th April 2019

  • NIC is launching a new Sustainable Stories page on social media to share some of the case studies of irrigation farmers and irrigation companies that are improving the environment on their properties by watering wetlands or similar things.
  • They want to show people in the city and people concerned about the environment, that there is a lot more to fixing the Murray Darling Basin than just meeting flow targets
  • One of NIC’s key policies for the election is the Ag Energy Taskforce election policy 
  • The NIC will also have their other policy out soon which is their Water Policy.
  • The NIC wants to make it clear that they do not favour calling for a pause in the Basin Plan
  • Pausing water recovery would not help the Southern Basin. That’s because the water recovery targets have all been met in the Southern Basin, that means there is no further buyback UNLESS in 2024 Governments have failed to obtain the 605GL of equivalent water from the SDLAM
  • Pausing the plan would have no impact on the operation of the water market, river operations or the way the water is allocated
  • The final report of the independent review into fish deaths (the Vertessy report) has been released. You can find it here  
  • BOM special drought statement can be found here 

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