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Key Water Blog

MI Newsletter 27th November 2019

Accurate ordering aids system efficiency

Low allocations have resulted in water deliveries for October being around 35GL this year, compared to 59GL at the same time last year. With significantly less water being delivered, we have increased our focus on working together with customers to ensure their water is delivered in the most efficient manner.

We appreciate customers working together with us to ensure their orders are accurate, which is helping the overall system efficiency.

Measuring flow rates in channels

We are undertaking a series of experiments measuring flow rates to help us count every drop. The data we are collecting will show us where to focus on improving the system.

We use specialised ultrasonic instruments to measure the flow rate, and these are being installed near regulators this season (pictured below). The tests are being conducted at 10 sites in the Northern Branch Canal and Lake View Branch Canal.

This remotely sensed data is at the core of the next stage of our technological journey – exploring the data to optimise performance of the delivery system. This will benefit customers through lower costs, greater flexibility, improved productivity and water savings.

AGM overview

Around 120 MI shareholders attended our twenty first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Leeton earlier this month, where our 2019 Annual Report and Company Review were presented. Both publications can be downloaded from our website. 

Shareholders approved the appointment of Michael Carter as the new Independent Director for a three-year term. Newly appointed Member Director Tracey Valenzisi and returning Member Director Hayden Cudmore were also welcomed at the AGM and retiring directors Frank Sergi and Leith Boully were farewelled.

Shareholders also approved a change to the constitution to amend the eligibility criteria for member directors to extend the pool of eligible directors.


Reducing costs by removing redundant assets

As we modernise our network, we are undertaking a program to remove redundant assets where they are no longer needed, unsafe or are restricting the flow of water. Only retaining the assets, we need is reducing ongoing maintenance costs helping to keep the price fair for all customers.

As part of this program we need to ensure that customers who have farms that are traversed by our network continue to have reasonable access over our channels.

For information about when we will provide and maintain bridges and culverts, download our Farm Access (Bridges and Culverts) fact sheet from our website

2019 Information session: drought and water availability

NSW Government and WaterNSW are hosting an information session on drought and water availability in Griffith at the end of this month. Topics to be covered include: recent climate trends and forecasts, water availability, the status of proposed and potential future measures for our river systems and what has been done since the previous drought information sessions earlier in the year.

The session will be between 4pm-6pm on Thursday 28 November at the Northside Griffith Leagues Club. RSVP by email to

Bittern-friendly rice

Despite a tough season and the trend towards delayed permanent water, the first five irrigators are set to receive bittern-friendly rice growing incentives from Riverina Local Land Services for this summer. One of the key goals is to get the endangered bitterns nesting as early as possible and maximise breeding success prior to harvest. To receive the incentive, growers must meet certain criteria. For more information or to register your interest for future seasons, please contact Anna Wilson, Riverina Local Land Services phone  0428 964 785 or


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