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Key Water Blog

August Allocation announcements 2020

17th August 2020

Murrumbidgee – GS allocations have increased by 16% to 32%

NSW Murray – GS allocations have increased by 5% to 8%

SA – increased from 81% to 100%

Victoria – Murray HRWS increase from 19% to 24%. Goulburn and Loddon HRWS increase from 37% to 40%. Campaspe HRWS increase from 40% to 45%. Broken HRWS increase from 30% to 39%

12th August 2020

Macquarie – There is no change to allocations in the Macquarie and Cudgegong regulated rivers water source.
However, the recent improvement in resources has meant that the process to lift the current temporary water restriction over coming days can commence. High Security is on 100%

10th August 2020

Lachlan – High Security accounts have increased from 70% to 100%. In addition, all temporary water restrictions have been lifted, enabling full access to general security water in accounts.

10 August 2020 – 2020/21 Risk of Spill update for Murray, Goulburn and Campaspe systems

The Resource Manager for northern Victoria today declared a low risk of spill in the Goulburn system.

The risk of spill in the Murray and Campaspe systems during 2020/21 remained above the 10 per threshold needed to declare a low risk of spill.

7th August 2020

Gywdir Valley – There is an increase in allocation totalling 1.7 per cent for general security water users in the Gwydir and 100% for HS licence holders

6th August 2020

Namoi Valley – There is no change to allocations in the Upper and Lower Namoi Regulated River Water with both HS accounts on 90% and GS on 0%

Peel Valley – Despite recent rainfall and some improvement in storage at Chaffey Dam, Peel Valley water
availability remains critical and current allocations remain unchanged. S&D on 70%, LWU 70%, HS 50%, GS Aquifer 51%

3rd August 2020

NSW Murray General Security increased by 1% to 3%

Murrumbidgee General Security increased by 2% to 16%

Victoria Murray High Reliability increased by 5% to 19%, Bullarook increased from 0% to 5% and Broken, Loddon, Campaspe and Goulburn remained unchanged

SA increased from 77% to 81%

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